International Student Ministries

Who We Are

International Student Ministries (ISM) is a community for international students and those who love them to find home away from home and provide an opportunity to ask the deeper questions in life. Are you an international student looking for a genuine friendship? Are you looking for an authentic community to learn about Jesus and grow in faith? We are here for you! 

We are part of the InterVarsity family at Cal. We meet weekly online for fun games, discussions, and Bible Study. We will also plan for other fun get-togethers as the situation permits. Everybody is welcome regardless of nationality, language and beliefs. 

Our Vision

A community for international students to feel a home away from home and experience the love and hospitality of Christ.

Wednesday Dinner Fellowship

Wednesday Dinner is a weekly gathering for international students with meals, fun games and discussions about culture, life and faith. We welcome everyone from any background, religion and nationalities. Currently we have Korean, Chinese, German, Vietnamese, Japanese, English speakers just give you an idea how diverse it is 🙂

If you are looking for a community that cares for each other and sharing lives by having fun together, learning about each other’s culture, there is a place at the table for you! We also go on camping, beaches, trips together for special occasions so stay tuned!

When: Wednesday 6PM-8PM (PDT, UTC-0600) *for detailed and updated information, please visit our IG: @ism_ucberkeley

Where: North Berkeley. Contact us for a meeting location

Multi-Lingual Bible Study

For those interested in learning more about Jesus or growing in faith, we meet every other Wednesday for Bible study. We use an inductive method to study the Bible and learn both from the text and from each other. If you have never read the bible in English before (or bible at all!), don’t worry! Our study is multi-lingual depending on who’s present and we need your insight from your culture!


  • Every other Wednesday when Wednesday Dinner is not happening 7PM-9PM (PDT, UTC-0700)

Where: North Berkeley. Contact us for a meeting location

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