InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
UC Berkeley

We seek to discover God’s heart in an authentic community.


Whether you are a current student, an alumni, a prospective student, a parent of a student, or anyone else, we are glad you are here!

InterVarsity at Cal is a family of four sister ministries. All our ministries seek to provide spaces where students can engage in issues of identity and faith formation. We trust that students will find a home within a space that is both affirming and challenging, as well as a community to journey through college alongside.

  • Black Campus Ministry (BCM) is our space for Black students
  • Cal Christian Fellowship is our multiethnic and primarily Asian American space
  • International Student Ministry (ISM) offers a home for the international student community, and
  • LaFe (Latino Fellowship) is our family for Latine students on campus. All our ministries partner together striving to give all students access to experience God and community in ways that are relevant to their experiences.

Please check out our fellowships below or learn more about InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, our beliefs, our values, and our national movement. If you are new and want to get connected, please feel free to contact us! We look forward to getting to know you and your story!

Our Fellowships

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